Husband and wife team, Phillip and Christine Gore, formed the Gore Family Foundation in an effort to ensure that as many Jamaicans as possible, especially children, are afforded equal opportunities to, amongst other things, a good, sound and solid education.

With the foregoing in mind, the Gore Family Foundation, via Phillip and Christine, has expended time, financial resources, ingenuity and considerable expertise geared towards improving the health and welfare of their fellow citizens. As former President and Secretary of Tennis Jamaica respectively, the Gores recognized the value of tennis, in particular, as a sport that could help underprivileged Jamaican youngsters to gain a better education. 

Over the years, The Scholarship Fund (TSF) provided tennis coaching and educational opportunities to young inner-city Jamaicans who showed a clear talent for the game. Through TSF, several children from struggling families were able to go on and obtain scholarships to universities in the USA.

In 2021, The Mico University College conferred an honorary doctoral degree on Christine, investing her with the 2021 Doctor of Education in Leadership (Honoris Causa) for exemplifying Mico’s core values of Leadership, Service to Others, Integrity and Excellence in performance.