The Scholarship Fund provided financially-challenged young tennis players with access to educational and
athletic opportunities that changed their lives.

  • Sicquena-Sinclair(1)
  • Damar Johnson
  • Shellita Haughton
  • Camarsh Crumbie
  • Tinesta Rowe
  • Christopher Lawson
  • Sicquena, Monique, Shelita, Shantal


First, I give thanks to God for giving Mrs. Gore the vision to start The Scholarship Fund. I am the first person to attend university in my family. TSF assisted with school where I needed help, and moved me to Florida to the International Tennis Academy to help with the development of my tennis game. Most important of all has been the advice and knowledge from Christine Gore herself and others who came into my life through The Fund.

Tinesta Rowe, Fresno State University

In the middle of my tennis and high school career, I didn’t know what the outcome of my life would be because I had no plans on how to achieve any goals. The moment that I was introduced to The Scholarship Fund and the plan they had for me, was the moment that my life changed. The Scholarship Fund helped me to set and achieve my goals, and held me to a higher standard than I had previously been accustomed; it has made things possible that I could have never imagined.

Christopher Lawson, Incarnate Ward University

“The Scholarship Fund has helped to mould a better and brighter future for me. Through them, I was placed in a fortunate position to receive a full athletic scholarship to a university in Florida. Coming from a single parent household, they made it possible to dream big and live up to your potential.”

Shantal Blackwood, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU)

“It is quite difficult to amass the impact The Scholarship Fund has made on my life in just 2-3 sentences however, I will try! The Scholarship Fund has changed my life through providing further education, personal development through various counselling sessions and professional guidance, relative to my future career path. The Scholarship Fund has also instilled in me a work ethic like no other. It has taught me how to persevere…. And the list goes on and on!!!”

Camarsh Crumbie

“Being a member of the Scholarship Fund has helped me to mature and think differently through education and meeting different people. My outlook on life has changed drastically and all for the better.”

Shellita Haughton