The Rose Town Construction Internship Program (The “RTCIP”) is a project of the GFF working with the Rose Town Foundation for the Built Environment (“RTF) that seeks to offer at-risk  Jamaican youth between the ages of 16-24 skills training, mentorship, personal development, and employment opportunities.

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As the GFF seeks to build a better Jamaica, the GFF saw a clear opportunity to leverage the work done by Gore Developments Ltd. in giving the youth of Rose Town an opportunity to learn a useful skill in an industry that has proven to be resilient over time.

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The 12 interns who graduated from the RTCIP are now either employed or pursuing further education thanks in large part to the Programme’s design, which emphasized the use of free, open, online courses from and the Open University of the United Kingdom. This allowed interns to work at their own pace and trained them in life skills – discipline and appropriate behaviour in a working environment, soft skills, business etiquette and professionalism, coping with stress, teamwork, and conflict resolution – that will serve them well in all aspects of their lives.