Special Education Teacher Program

The Gore Family Foundation’s newly launched Special Education Teacher (S.E.T) program focuses on assessing and addressing the learning loss and other social and emotional issues affecting our basic school students. Our S.E.T’S assess our students at the beginning and end of each school term using our developmental milestone checklist which tests in the categories of movement, language/communication, cognitive and social and emotional. They target the social and emotional needs by implementing the Second Step program in our schools by first training teachers and then teaching the classes.

The Special Education Teacher (S.E.T) program provides academic support to the teachers and children in our schools by having one on one and whole class sessions. They identify and provide effective early intervention services to our students that display developmental delays and are at risk of being left behind. We believe that early intervention has the strongest impact when offered during the first few years of life. Specialized tools and curriculums such as the Reach Up and Learn Program are used to facilitate this so we can reach our goal of preparing students for the next grade level.