Sicquena Sinclair

A proud moment in time, and not just for Shorter University graduate Sicquena Sinclair, but for long-time sponsor Christine Gore who made sure to witness in person, the happy event on Thursday, December 15, 2016. Sicquena’s graduation! Christine Gore has known Sicquena since childhood when she was spotted at Calabar Primary, as a talented young tennis player back in the day when the Gore Family Foundation was The Scholarship Fund. Sicquena was well placed, through the Fund and with all the help and support on offer, to persevere with her tennis, academic studies to get that scholarship and go on to tertiary education in the USA, and she did just that, assisted throughout by GFF and, we might add, with stellar results!

From Calabar Primary to Shorter University and a Bachelor of Business Administration, the GFF congratulates our girl, Sicquena! We just knew from Calabar Primary days, that we were so right to encourage and keep the faith with her every step of the way!

Well done Sicquena! The Gore Family Foundation salutes you and wishes you every success as you continue with your winning ways.


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